Uranus the most mysterious of the gas giants, in its form, orbit, and rotation. It is a widely known fact that Uranus rotates on its side, but its strange tilt also means that its magnetic field is skewed, so that its magnetic north and south are vastly different than its polar. In addition, the storms happen during strange periods of time. When Uranus approached Earth, scientists noticed that more-than-anticipated storms were occurring on the planet’s surface.¬†Uranus is also the coldest planet in the solar system, despite not being the farthest, due to its lack of its own internal heat source.

In short, Uranus is just crazy weird.

4 thoughts on “Uranus

  1. Uranus is my favorite planet exactly because it is so weird. The scientists on the Voyager mission were apparently kind of disappointed by Uranus’ appearance because it looks so plain compared to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. However, I think it is interesting in how active it is in its weather despite being so cold. And we still have yet to be fully sure of why Uranus is on its side. So cool!


  2. Besides Earth Uranus is the coolest planet. I just find it fascinating that its rotation is almost exactly 90 degrees to its orbit. I think that is one of the coolest features in the entire solar system and I hope scientists can figure out why this occurs someday soon.


  3. Another fact about Uranus that makes it so interesting/weird compared to the other planets, is that it is the only planet thats name is derived from Greek mythology. All of the other planets (including Pluto) come from Roman gods and goddesses. Uranus was the Greek God symbolizing the sky.


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