Photo from the Opportunity


Mars Rover Photo.jpg

This incredible photo from the rover Opportunity pictures the Endeavor crater rim. It’s truly amazing how that even 12 years after being sent, Opportunity is still sending back photos this amazing.

Opportunity is the longest-running Mars Rover, having been exploring and taking pictures of Mars since 2004. Opportunity has been documenting mineral samples, craters, and even the discoveries of the existence of water since it embarked. Having many difficulties, including being stuck inside of a sand dune for several weeks, the rover is still moving, and sending images similar to the one above.


Diversity of Telescopes

There is such a diverse range of telescopes accessible to consumers around the world. Of course, these telescopes are not of high quality in terms of magnetization and clarity. However, comparing accessible telescopes to high-powered, extremely large telescopes that have entire buildings designed to contain them is not impossible, but seeing as these large telescopes are not accessible to the general public, we shouldn’t necessarily expect the same quality from the telescopes  we have at home.

Historical Astronomers in Context

Johannes Kepler (December 27, 1571- November 15, 1630) discovered the three laws of planetary motion, which Isaac Newton used to create his own set of laws. Kepler also used his discoveries to adjust Copernicus’s vision of the universe, making it so that the Sun had a more active role in causing the planet’s orbits

Other Things Happening in the World at the Time

  • The colony of Jamestown was established in the United States of America.
  • The Thirty Years’ War began. The Thirty Years’ War began as the Protestants revolting in the Catholic church and the oppressive measures taken by the church in order to maintain control.

    Tokugawa Ieyasu January 31, 1543- June 1, 1616

Ieyasu, one of the shoguns of Japan, moved Japan’s capital to Edo, now modern-day Tokyo.

Learning about the context of certain events helps to “set the stage,” so to speak. Context gives a backdrop to the reasons behind why philosophers and astronomers were seeking to accomplish in their studies. The rise in questioning the validity of religion to the Renaissance was the catalyst for making new discoveries about the universe as we know it.


The Zodiac Signs


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The zodiac signs surround a lot of peoples’ daily lives, in that most people look to a horoscope to direct their lives. The fact that the position of the stars at a certain time can tell so much about a person’s individual personality is absurd, yet we attribute personality traits to the constellations. The constellations of the zodiac also detail the Sun’s current position relative to the night sky and current season.

Traveling at the Speed of Light

Traveling at the speed of light is entirely impossible in this present day and age, and the question of whether or not we will be able to travel at such a high speed or faster is still unanswerable. The speed of light sets the speed limit for the universe, so that should mean that light speed is achievable, does it not? Theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a theory detailing a type of “warp drive” that, rather than surpassing the cosmic speed limit, instead goes around it by evenly creating a “small bubble” around a ship that allows the ship to move as quickly as the pilot would like. However, this would violate “the weak energy condition,” which is not always viable, but allegedly can produce strange happenings. Apparently, there have not currently been any violations, so Alcubierre’s theory is not entirely false, but lacks plausibility.

Here’s the link to the article in which I received my information:

Faster-than-light Travel: Are We There Yet?
Robert Sherrer