Traveling at the Speed of Light

Traveling at the speed of light is entirely impossible in this present day and age, and the question of whether or not we will be able to travel at such a high speed or faster is still unanswerable. The speed of light sets the speed limit for the universe, so that should mean that light speed is achievable, does it not? Theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a theory detailing a type of “warp drive” that, rather than surpassing the cosmic speed limit, instead goes around it by evenly creating a “small bubble” around a ship that allows the ship to move as quickly as the pilot would like. However, this would violate “the weak energy condition,” which is not always viable, but allegedly can produce strange happenings. Apparently, there have not currently been any violations, so Alcubierre’s theory is not entirely false, but lacks plausibility.

Here’s the link to the article in which I received my information:

Faster-than-light Travel: Are We There Yet?
Robert Sherrer