Greyhound Puppymills

Did you know?

That almost 50% of greyhound puppies bred for racing are killed before they can even see a track? This is mainly due to the fact that those greyhounds are insufficient for racing, according to breeder and owner standards.

In addition, these dogs are kept in extreme weather conditions (non-temperate, because greyhounds have such short coats), with minimal shelter. This is true of most non-reputable puppy mills, also, but this is not a PSA for “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

We can all help improve this system by not feeding into the greyhound racing industry any further. When you go to gamble, don’t find yourself at the dog races.


Something New

For those who may be following this blog for various reasons, maybe related to my astronomy posts, those will be no more. Now, I’m going to allow this blog to take a turn: greyhounds.

I’m sure many of you aren’t familiar with greyhound racing, and that it still exists in the United States, but it does. The sport may not have as much popularity as before, but it exists. There are dogs to this day being forced to run in races until they quite literally can’t anymore.

I will be beginning an educational blogging campaign in order to inform you all about this beautiful breed and how the industry has perpetuated abuse of dogs that you may otherwise forget about.